AGE: Over 4 months old (split into junior & adult)

REQUIREMENTS: An assessment, previous training required, good with other dogs and people

CLASS TIMES: Mondays 09:00-09:45, Mondays 17:15-18:00, Fridays 09:00-09:45, Saturdays 10:45-11:30 and Saturdays 11:45-12:30

Training is never over for you and your dog, it is a lifelong journey. But it is not just about sit and down, it is much more! It is about the relationship, trust, teaching, and fun. This class is for dogs and owners who have completed the Foundation Skills course and who would like to build on the skills learnt and incorporate them in such a way as to make living with your dog a joy. Many of the exercises in the class focus on preparing the dogs to take the KUSA Canine Good Citizen test (optional).  This class is not suitable for dogs with aggression or behavioural issues.  

Some of the new skills your dog will learn are:

  • Recall games
  • Working with distance and distractions
  • Tricks
  • Rally Dog
  • Scent work
  • Fun agility and hoopers