AGE: Over 6 months old

REQUIREMENTS: An assessment, previous training, good recall, good with other dogs and people

CLASS TIMES: Wednesdays 08:00-08:45 and Saturdays 13:45-14:30

If dancing with your dog conjures up images of you holding your dog’s paws and prancing around the room then do we have a surprise for you. Canine Musical Freestyle combines traditional obedience elements such as heelwork and attention with creative moves such as spins, weaves and jumps and a variety of tricks. This exciting and fun sport combines training, music, creativity to demonstrate the relationship between dog and handler and anyone can do it and your dog will love it. This is a great class for teaching your dog to focus and work off leash and to build confidence in nervous dogs. It does not matter if you have two left feet! Dogs will need to be assessed before taking this class.